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Program Overview

      Jamestown Reading Navigator is a research-based, field-tested program developed specifically to raise reading competencies and test scores of struggling middle-school and high-school students. This highly innovative program is targeted at middle school and high school students reading at least two levels below grade level. The program is designed to be used by all teachers, regardless of their training.
      Jamestown Reading Navigator is an online and print-based program built upon the latest research in adolescent literacy, Reading Next. The online component of Jamestown Reading Navigator improves students’ comprehension by utilizing direct, explicit instruction and modeling of good reading practices. Students practice and apply these reading strategies and skills by reading highly engaging content, viewing interactive multimedia, and writing in response to reading. The print-based readings from the inTime magazines and the inClass Reader anthologies give students an opportunity to extend their learning beyond the computer and encourage collaborative or independent learning. Teachers can monitor student progress utilizing the online Learner Management System where scores from formative and summative assessments are recorded.